About Us

TELESENSE is a leading telecommunication company headquartered in Singapore. We are a young and dedicated organization that believes in bringing transparency and efficiency into the TELECOMMUNICATION Voice and SMS distribution chain. We think that the commoditization of Telecom IP phone products is a positive development as it truly allows for the connecting of the digital divide. We are a fastest developing provider of innovative VOICE and SMS solutions empowering communications companies to create the most efficient and valuable global interconnections. Our team comprises enthusiastic sales professionals who have extensive experience across Asia, Africa Europe, ME and Latin and understand the challenges of individual markets. Our main drive is to build lasting partnerships with local GW and trier carriers, MNOs, cater to their needs and provide pricing and quality transparency. In Telesense, business integrity is our priority and holds the best prompt payment records in the market. Since its inception, TeleSense focuses on delivering international voice traffic to Asia, Middle East, Africa, Latin, Europe and countries of the CIS.